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Is Hydrocodone Withdrawal Treatment Really Necessary?

Unlike more serious street drugs, such as heroin and cocaine, hydrocodone is relatively easy to find and inexpensive to purchase. However, the end result can be just as serious with some people facing extreme side effects and in severe cases, death.

Anybody who is facing a hydrocodone addiction may find it difficult to believe that they are in this position. For this reason, they will shy away from treatment, thinking that they can quit at any time and resume their normal life.

While hydrocodone may not be as addictive as some drugs, those who have a serious issue with this drug often times realize that they are unable to put their addiction behind them without professional help.

Benefits of Detoxification

hydrocodone recovery

Getting help for hydrocodone withdrawal is a very wise decision.

When somebody suffers from a hydrocodone addiction they don’t often realize just how much they rely on the drug until they attempt to quit. At that point, they come to understand that their body is dependent on the drug.

If quitting cold turkey is not an option, hydrocodone withdrawal treatment is the way to go. During detoxification, the user will abstain from drug use, which can and likely will lead to a variety of withdrawal symptoms.

As uncomfortable as it may be, with each passing day the withdrawal treatment process becomes easier and easier. Soon enough, the body is no longer dependent on the drug and the person is then able to continue with their treatment schedule, which includes steps to fight against relapse.

Most withdrawal treatment programs last a minimum of 30 days, with those that span 90 days or more considered the most effective. Since it takes several weeks to make it through detoxification, it is important to be committed to a longer term program, giving yourself plenty of time to reach your goals.

How long you stay in a rehab program is based on many factors, including how long you have been abusing hydrocodone and your reaction to withdrawal.

With some drugs, withdrawal treatment is almost always necessary. While this may not be the case across the board with hydrocodone, anybody who is suffering from this type of addiction should consider the benefits of detoxification and subsequent types of treatment. This puts the mind and body in position to heal, leaving the impact of hydrocodone abuse in the past.

For those who are unsure of if hydrocodone withdrawal treatment is necessary, it is best to consult with a reputable facility with experience and a track record of success.

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