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About Hydrocodone

Are you wondering what hydrocodone is and how it works? If you have recently been prescribed hydrocodone or if you know someone who has been prescribed hydrocodone and who is not sure what to do there is help available. Hydrocodone is a drug that is typically prescribed to treat pain but may also be prescribed to treat congestion that is chronic. There are many different types of medication that have hydrocodone in them including Lortab and Lorcet.

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What is Hydrocodone?

If you’re wondering exactly what hydrocodone is or how it works then you’ve come to the right place. Hydrocodone is a drug that is used to treat pain that is usually not chronic such as tooth pain, back pain or pain associated with a recent injury or surgery. Hydrocodone is an addictive painkiller and should be taken only under the close supervision of a doctor or medical provider. Read more about hydrocodone here.

Effects of Hydrocodone

There are many effects of hydrocodone. First, it is an analgesic that relieves pain which is the primary reason that this medication is prescribed. Other effects of hydrocodone include nausea, vomiting, sleeplessness or being overly tired, and other effects. For more about the side effects of hydrocodone read here.

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Hydrocodone Street Names

If you’re wondering what the normal street names are related to hydrocodone then we can help you find a better understanding about the types of names that this drug may come up as. For instance, some people refer to hydrocodone as Tabs, L’s, Hydro’s or Cets but there are many other street names for the drug depending on the preferred pill that is taken. For more information on the street names or possible lingo that can be used when describing hydrocodone read here.

Hydrocodone Side Effects

If you or someone you love has been prescribed hydrocodone then you probably want to know what the side effects of this drug are and what that means to you. There are many possible side effects of hydrocodone but they may or may not be negative to the individual. For instance, some people feel drowsy from hydrocodone while others may feel more upbeat. Other potential side effects include a loss of equilibrium, memory lapses, and certain coordination losses. Read more about the side effects of hydrocodone here.

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