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Hydrocodone Physical Effects

As a powerful pain reliever, hydrocodone is less potent than morphine and because it is typically combined with other analgesics, pain relief can be extended while managing the potentially dangerous effects caused when too much of the opiate drug is administered. Adverse physical effects may include nausea, stomach pain, itching, respiratory distresses, pulmonary failure, kidney failure, liver failure, jaundice, urination problems, seizures, coma, or death. Combining this drug with alcohol or other drugs may be critically dangerous and the potential for harm is drastically increased. Ethanol increases are related to respiratory depressions and this occurrence is most notable when combining alcohol with hydrocodone. Acetaminophen has been linked to kidney failure when taken in high doses and liver damage may be caused when metabolism of the drug is slowed. It has been noted that ingesting grapefruit products while taking hydrocodone may intensify the opiate effects by converting the hydrocodone into hydromorphone, which is more potent. Other serious health risks may result in increased dosages and long term use. Withdrawal symptoms can be severe depending on usage amounts, frequency, or duration and should be attempted with the monitoring of a qualified medical expert or as directed by a physician. Typically, these symptoms are not life threatening with the exception of severe cases or other dual diagnosis.

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Hydrocodone Emotional Effects

Emotional effects from hydrocodone use may include nervousness or anxiety and may result in trouble sleeping. Depression may also be a result from inability to perform certain functions. The effects may be temporary or long term depending on the individual and their habits as well as the severity of any addictions. Emotional stress is often a result of the addiction to this drug. The tolls that abuse makes on the physical well being as well as psychological abilities of the individual effects other relationships including family, friends, and acquaintances.

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Psychological Effects of Hydrocodone

Confusion, headaches, dizziness, drowsiness, excitability, and mood changes are common side effects of hydrocodone usage. These effects may be intensified with higher dosages or longer durations of use. Abusing this drug or combining it with other drugs can cause more severe and permanent effects. Abuse in younger adults and teens has dramatically increased and issues such as relationship deteriorations have resulted in numerous problems throughout our society. As with other opioids, psychological dependence on this drug is potentially high and may result in dual addictions which can lead to further mental impairments that may require counseling or treatment of a qualified drug addiction staff.

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