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Physical Side Effects of Hydrocodone

Hydrocodone is an opioid drug usually compounded with other non-opioids such as ibuprofen or acetaminophen to enhance the properties of the medication. This means that, not only are the physical effects of hydrocodone a concern but, the effects of the other compound ingredients need to be considered also. Typically, Hydrocodone does not produce dangerous side effects when used as prescribed and for short term durations. As an opioid drug, the dependency and addiction rate to hydrocodone is considered extremely high and over 139 million prescriptions were issued in 2009 with many directly related to addiction causes, according to the DEA. Other dangerous physical side effects may be kidney or liver damage, respiratory distress, pulmonary failure, hepatitis, jaundice, high blood pressure, decreased white blood cells and blood platelets. These are often rare cases and occur in high tolerance addicts or other dual diagnosis cases. However, in certain cases, infrequent side effects may be less severe. The most common physical effects are drowsiness, feeling weak, low blood pressure, nausea, or dizziness. Infrequent effects such as decreased urine, constipation, blurred or double vision, dry mouth, or headaches, while also less severe, are associated with the use of Hydrocodone.

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Psychological Side Effects of Hydrocodone

The most common psychological effects of hydrocodone are generally less severe than effects from other opiod use but, psychological addictions are on the rise and one of our nation’s biggest concerns today. Abuse among children, teens, and young adults has increased dramatically, and the problems stemming from these occurrences, including crime, neglect, and abuse, has psychological effects on the rest of society. Confusion, mood changes, anxiety, depression, or other mental impairments may be effects requiring treatments and counseling depending on the severity. In cases of addiction, relationships may be compromised and cause an unlimited amount of other negative effects.

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How Hydrocodone Side Effects Can be Treated

Most medicines have some sort of side effect. Treatment starts with knowing the possible side effects, recognizing the dangers, and responding correctly. In most cases of hydrocodone use, the side effects can be eliminated by discontinued use of the drug. If the side effects persist or become more bothersome, a physician should be contacted for further instructions. This drug has a tolerance rate that increases with usage and duration. Dependency can be reduced by gradually reducing the intake of the opiod drug. Some cases may require addiction treatment and counseling through a drug treatment program or rehab facility. These facilities cans help the individual by offering monitored withdrawal assistance followed by counseling and other resources for future abstinence. Severe side effects require immediate medical attention and a physician should always be notified.

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