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Recognizing the Signs of Hydrocodone Addiction

There are several warning signs of hydrocodone addiction and recognizing these signs early can minimize the recovery process. Hydrocodone addiction is reported to be one of the fastest growing addiction problems in the United States. The drug’s availability and perceived safety by many medical providers and users has prompted illicit abuse in increasing numbers and among all age groups including children and young adults. Taking more medication than prescribed, taking the medication via routes other than prescribed such as snorting or injecting, overprotection of medication supplies, non medical usage, prescription forgeries, “doctor shopping”, and illicit purchases are all recognizable signs of hydrocodone addiction. When a person becomes an addict, they will continue using their drug of choice despite all adverse consequences. The behaviors will revolve around this drug use and denial is most prevalent even when the most normal functions can no longer be accomplished without a dose of the drug. Unexplainable lack of money, stealing, lying, negative behavioral changes, mood changes, and changes in social involvements, when abusing hydrocodone, are some of the other warning signs of hydrocodone addiction.

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Physical Hydrocodone Addiction Signs

Hydrocodone addiction can occur in as little as 1 – 4 weeks and the physical signs of hydrocodone addiction may be hard to distinguish from normal symptoms of dependency such as occurs with legitimate use. The most common physical signs of hydrocodone addiction are intense cravings of the drug, increased tolerance levels, and disregard for physical effects such as nausea, vomiting, appetite loss, trouble urinating, trouble breathing, regular constipation, stomach pain, dizziness, and episodes of “nodding off”, as well as ignoring other medical complications that may result from long term use or increased dosages. Physical hydrocodone addiction signs are most notable with intensified withdrawal symptoms once the drug intake is reduced or stopped. These symptoms may be too daunting for the addict to seek help and thereby continue abusing this drug.

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Psychological and Emotional Signs of Hydrocodone Addiction

Hydrocodone addiction occurs when, despite adverse consequences, the substance or behaviors resulting from use of hydrocodone, become uncontrollable, the addict is preoccupied with its use and behaviors, the addict denies the abuse, and the addict perceives the abuse as normal to everyday functions. Hydrocodone addiction has a high addiction rate and increased tolerance levels produce a myriad of psychological and emotional impairments. Inability to concentrate, unexplained changes in mood or behaviors, secluded behavior, anxiety, depression, and mental obsessions with the drug are all warning signs for psychological or emotional hydrocodone addiction. Consequential results from adverse behaviors may result in emotional stress, abandonment of family and friends, and less social skills.

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