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Recognizing the Symptoms of Hydrocodone Addiction

Products that contain hydrocodone are the most frequently prescribed pain medications in the United States. Illicit use has quadrupled in the last 10 years and recognizing hydrocodone symptoms of addiction may be hard to do when considering there is a vast amount of legitimate usage for which it is so commonly prescribed. Addiction symptoms will vary per individual and depend on abusive amounts, duration, and behaviors resulting from use. Taking too much medication, more than prescribed, too often, and regardless of adverse consequences are all addiction symptoms. When an addict becomes addicted to hydrocodone, the addiction symptoms are elevated according to the level of abuse and duration of usage. In the beginning, hydrocodone addiction symptoms may seem minor and the addict may feel safe and in control of their use. As with all other opiods, dependency and tolerance increases in time and results in negative consequences to the physical, emotional and psychological well being of the individual. Hydrocodone addiction symptoms exist when an addict is compelled to acquire the drug, achieve the desired “high”, obsess over the drug, or change behaviors in an attempt to obtain the drug. Denial of abuse and disregard for health risks are also potential hydrocodone symptoms of addiction.

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Physical Hydrocodone Addiction Symptoms

Hydrocodone symptoms of addiction are physically visible when the addict ignores health risks involving use of the drug. Common physical addiction symptoms may include trouble breathing, dizziness, extreme drowsiness, “nodding off” episodes, loss of consciousness, lack of appetite, intense cravings of the drug, and disregard for dangers to health. When an addict attempts to ingest large amounts of hydrocodone, they may unknowingly ingest large amounts of acetaminophen. Serious medical complications may occur and result in liver, pulmonary, respiratory and kidney failure. Hydrocodone symptoms of addiction are impacted by the addict’s health, age, usage, and duration.

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Emotional Symptoms of Hydrocodone Addiction

The emotional stability of an addict is negatively affected by the overwhelming desire to obtain the drug regardless of the adverse consequences. Friends, family, and social relationships become jeopardized further straining the addict’s ability to cope with increasing emotional stress. Mood swings and alternative behaviors create a sense of anxiety, irritability, confusion, fear, depression, and other potentially harmful addiction symptoms including increased dosage to avoid recognition of these issues. These hydrocodone addiction symptoms reverberate throughout society and have a major impact on any process of recovery for all involved.

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