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What is Hydrocodone Rehab?

Hydrocodone rehab centers continue to be urgently needed throughout the United States because hydrocodone products are some of the most popular painkillers and abusive drugs in our society. As part of the opium family, drugs containing hydrocodone are also combined with acetaminophen or ibuprophen. The dangers of abusing these drugs have an added risk of liver failures due to the ingestion of high amounts of acetaminophen. Hydrocodone rehabs are comprehensive and effective in helping people overcome this addiction. The initial objective of every rehab center is to detoxify the body from all chemical substances. Qualified experts provide professional support through this process in a safe and clean environment. With 24 hour monitoring, the medical staff can assist in relieving unpleasant withdrawal symptoms through resources including medication. Continued care is designed to help the addict develop life skills and other tools to remain abstinent from drugs. Individual and group counseling, therapy options, and other resources are made available to ensure the successful recovery of the addict. Hydrocodone rehab may be provided in an outpatient setting, and in more severe cases, a residential or hospital inpatient setting may be advisable.

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Treatment Options

How Does Hydrocodone Rehab Help Those Addicted to Hydrocodone?

Hydrocodone rehab centers treat patients from all walks of life. The qualified staff experts in these facilities recognize the consequences of this addiction whether it was derived from legitimate or illegitimate use. With compassionate care, hydrocodone rehab provides support for the physical, emotional, and psychological needs of the patient as they practice positive life skills and learn to live free from this drug. Medical services and resources are provided to address co-existing addictions or dual diagnosis including physical or mental impairments while, social issues, such as relationships with family and friends, are addressed through counseling and therapy options. The greatest chance of recovery from hydrocodone addiction is achieved through attendance in a hydrocodone rehab program.

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Treatments Provided at Hydrocodone Rehab Centers

Hydrocodone rehab centers provide a variety of treatment plans according to the facility’s resources, access to medical resources, and the availability of therapy options. Standard treatment centers provide a clean, comfortable, and safe environment where the addict can receive help through the detox process to minimize withdrawal symptoms and become stabilized. Individual and group counseling sessions provide opportunities to address concerns and gain insight from other individuals who may be recovering from the same type of addiction. Therapy options are designed according to the pharmacological and behavioral needs of the addict. Behavioral therapy often includes cognitive behavioral therapy(CBT) and follow-up programs such as a 12 step program to support guiding principles of recovery.

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