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Challenges in Paying for Hydrocodone Addiction Rehab

Finances are a major concern to many addicts who delay seeking help for their addiction because they do not think they can afford the costs. Paying for hydrocodone addiction treatment may be last on the list when it comes to other expenses such as housing, food, utilities, and child care. This does not have to be the case. There are many resources available to cover the costs of a treatment plan when an addict desires to seek help. Challenges arise when insurance is unavailable or allows for only a partial cost of treatment, when an addict is not qualified to participate in a free or reduced cost substance abuse program, when out of cost payments and time off from work create additional hardships on the addict and their families, or when affordable programs are unavailable in certain geographical areas. In any case, the addict must consider the cost of continuing in their addiction versus the investment cost into their future and the alternative ways to paying for treatment.

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Treatment Options

Insurance Coverage for Rehab

More and more insurance companies are paying for rehab services, but most do not cover any “extras” such as one finds in a private or luxury rehab facility. The benefit plans vary in coverage and may be limited in time requirements, payment amounts, or percentages of costs, while the acceptance of the plans may only be available to specific facilities.

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Sliding Fee Structures

A common method of paying for hydrocodone addiction rehab may be with the sliding scale fee structures that are accepted in publicly funded treatment facilities and based on ability to pay. This structure allows the patient to participate in programs and may have certain eligibility requirements such as proof of low income, residency, or participation in government funded programs such as food stamps and welfare.

Help from Friends or Family

Sincere desire to recover from addiction is sometimes all it takes to get help from family and friends. Through support and love, paying for hydrocodone addiction treatment could be viewed as a benefit by these individuals especially when they consider the detrimental costs of the addiction on relationships and the health of the addict.

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Community Programs

Paying for treatment of addictions is often considered a benefit to the society. Addiction is directly related to crime, abuse, and neglect and many community organizations are available to help. Resources can be found through community health departments or social services, community organizations, churches, sponsorship programs, local or state organizations. The assistance varies by organization, and may include all or part of the treatment program costs based on eligibility or other participation requirements.

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